Collection: Donations

Gift a golf lesson and a pair of shoes to an underserved child.

Company FAQ

Who makes the Edgar 1's? Where are they manufactured?

The Edgar 1's are owned by the Edgar Shoe Company. Uppers are made in China and then assembled in Los Angeles, California.

How long will it take to get my shoes?

Our bulk shipment of shoes will arrive by May 1st. We will mail them to you immediately after their arrival.

Why a Pre-Sale?

Being that we are a small and growing company a Pre-Sale helps mitigate our risk. We are planning to have constant inventory by Novemeber 2024.

What if I am not a Christian?

Edgar Golf Shoes are for everyone regardless of Religious beliefs. Edgar originally put a scripture on the tongue of the shoe to give God the Glory as he advanced through life. No matter your beliefs we believe that God loves us all.